Tomatoes from our garden.

It is very hard to adapt to a different lifestyle when you have an infant on hands, however withthe help of my mother, who came here to help me and babysit Daria, it is much easier. During the weekdays I live in my parent’s apartment in Chisinau, however on weekends I love to go my parents village house in Hincesti rayon. My parents have a small garden with different fruits and vegetables. I love the feeling when you can walk into the garden and pick fresh produce. My grandparents also live in the same village, which is very helpful and they take care of our garden while my parents are in the USA.

One of the things that I really missed about my homeland is the food. When I am in USA, I always dream about the authentic Moldovan food. My grandmother loves cooking, so she cooks foe me every weekend lots of food and she is always complaining that I didn’t finish all the food she put on the table for me.

Unfortunately, not much has changed since I left. Moldova is still one of the poorest countries in Europe, unemployment is high, and the country is heavily dependent upon remittances from thousands of Moldovans working abroad. Also, many of these workers come back only to take their family members and start a new life in a different country. Most of them emigrate to European countries and Russia.

People are conducting nonstop demonstrations against the government. They have been demonstrated for almost one year, however these rallies didn’t change much and the corruption is still the main problem in Moldova. The political and economic crisis has been worsening daily following the disappearance of $1 billion  from three major Moldovan banks in 2014. It is believed that the current government is involved in the bank fraud scandal.

I am still hopeful that next time when I come to visit Moldova a lot of things will be changed and I will be able to say “ That’s it, I am moving back to my homeland!”


The view from my parents’ house.


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