The first week at Keystone Moldova was amazing. I felt welcome by the staff and had a chance to meet so many awesome people who go above and beyond at their job in order to develop and maintain as many programs as possible for the individuals with disabilities and their families. The team is fairly small, but the amount of work they are doing is impressive. They are working simultaneously at different projects and also work on creating new programs countrywide. During the first week I had an opportunity to visit a community house in a village aprox. 80km from the capital. Ion and Mihai both live in the community house. The boys were referred by the orphanage as individuals who can learn/manage to live independently with little support. The community house was purchased by Keystone and provided to the beneficiaries at no cost. As the government pension is very small, the boys have a mini farm which helps them grow their own food. As an extra form of income the boys sell chicken and quail eggs. I attached a few pictures from Ion and Mihai’s residence.

IMG_3164IMG_3163 IMG_3165

During this week, I also attended a seminar presented by one of the Keystone’s staff members. The seminar took place in Ialoveni district and its goal was to train the community social workers on how to communicate with people with disabilities and their families.

And finally, one of the things that made me happy was the International Children’s Day.  In Moldova it is considered a big holiday.I took a walk in the park with my daughter and remembered my childhood in Moldova. It seemed that not much changed since I left. They are still making one of my favorite childhood desserts – cotton candy.


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