Week 9


This week at my internship I went to the Childline Call Center (CCC) for a site visit. The CCC is open 24/7 and has three shifts to accommodate around the clock access for clients. 25% of the calls that are made to the CCC require an intervention, and about 90,000 calls are made per quarter, nationally. They are able to direct the calls made to the CCC to a representative that speaks the language of the caller whether it is Hindi, English, local languages, etc. Calls are monitored and are no less than 45 seconds. If calls are less than 45 seconds phone operators are written up for not following the pre-determined script for any scenario someone may be calling. Categories include but are not limited to: child labor, child marriage, donating food, silent calls, etc. The call operators enter information into their computer pertaining to demographics of child of inquiry, as well as the issue at hand. If the call is deemed to need an intervention, a Childline staff will go out to the children within in an hour. If a call is deemed not needing an intervention all information is still documents and given a case number. The call operators are MSW level employees.


This past weekend I want to Fort Kochin, Kerala. They have a fishing system that originated in the 14th century that is basically a pulley system to catch fish with a huge net held together by four long logs. These pullies take a few men to operate one.



I visited a government funded daycare in a small village outside of Fort Kochin. It cares for children from 0-5 years old and the government provides free lunches to the children. When I visited the children were playing outside and there were about 3 women providing supervision. The daycare and village were both located on an island, and until 6 years ago the only way to get off the island was by boat. There wasn’t a bridge connecting the island that the village was living on to the rest of Kochin. Before the bridge was completed, the village used a boat to get around and to different parts of Kochin.

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  1. Christine

    What an experience this must be for you! How long has the CCC been running and what kind of progress has been noticed as a result?

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