Week 7


This past week I went on a site visit to a residential home for boys give to 15 years of age. The home houses around 50-60 males ages five to 15 years of age. The home has 12 beds from six bunk beds. The other children sleep on thin mattresses on the floor throughout the residential home. The residential home provides meals, medical treatment, education linkages, mental health counseling, and a sIMG_2992afe environment. I think it’s wonderful that the children can either be referred by the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) or they can walk from the street and admit themselves. Usually children stay at the residential home about 2 years but it is considered a temporary residential home because the home is constantly working towards placing the child back home with his biological family and adoptions placement. The residential home will have parent visitations on Sundays. There is staff at the residential home 24 hours, seven days a week. The sleeping conditions are different from what’s appropriate based on my Western perspective, but it is definitely better and more safe than the children sleeping unprotected on the streets. The pictures are of a mural within the residential home that the children painted, a daily schedule for the residential home, and the plaque with the IMG_2997home’s accreditation and name.










I also visited Jaipur, Rajasthan this weekend and visited a textile mill where they make different fabrics, carpets and cloth items. They have a printing process with stamps and can use anywhere from two to six stamps for a pattern depending on how elaborate they want to make the cloth. The stamps are pressed one layer at a time. In the photo, there are two people pressing two different stamps on one cloth. The other picture is of a man making a rug with an ornate pattern. It takes weeks for the rug to be completed.IMG_3151IMG_3154

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3 thoughts on “Week 7

  1. Anne Briggs

    This is all so interesting Leanne! Sounds like you are having quite an experience! Keep up the good work!

  2. Neil


    Great job w/ this–very interesting observations. Only comment is, and I’m hoping I’m not off on the date/time zone stuff but I’m thinking a HAPPY BIRTHDAY is in order…

    Enjoy the day and look forward to your next post.

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