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Welcome to the Website of the Environmental Geophysics Research Group at UB

Dr. Oware’s research group interest is in the application of geophysical tools for hydrogeological and agricultural investigations. The group employs geophysical methods, such as electrical resistivity (ER), electromagnetic induction, and ground penetrating radar (GPR) to non-invasively characterize subsurface parameters and processes within geostatistical inverse modeling frameworks. Our major research objectives are in the development of innovative inverse modeling strategies for enhanced imaging of fractured rock aquifer/reservoir properties and improved hydrogeophysical monitoring of subsurface flow and transport processes, through numerical, laboratory, and field-scale experiments.

Numerical modeling of fluid flow and transport in fractured rocks is central to numerous applications including: aquifer management, environmental remediation; efficient extraction and management of hydrocarbon and geothermal energy resources. The predictive accuracy of transport in the numerical modeling effort is, however, dependent on the accuracy of the input geometric and hydraulic properties of the fractures, making the characterization of fracture properties crucial to the management of water and energy resources hosted in fractures.

“All reservoirs should be considered fractured until proven otherwise” Narr et al., [2006].