Our Services

servicesThe Center on Rehabilitation Synergy staff is available to provide training and/or training curricula design on a variety of vocational rehabilitation topics including: Supported Employment, Leadership and Management, Team Enhancement, Independent Living, Counseling, Marketing and Job Development.

Our staff is also available for training and curriculum design on special education topics such as Career Development, Transition Planning, Skill Development, and Disability Services Information.

Career Counseling: Assisting adults in developing career goals with a focus on interests, values and abilities. We work with those who are starting their careers, as well as those who are transitioning into new careers. Dealing with the stress related to sudden changes of a job loss due to downsizing and the closing of many businesses is key to moving forward. We can develop individualized training for companies trying to assist employees in their development.

Consultation: Working with agencies, companies, school districts or individuals to address their specific areas of concern through the use of professionals experienced in that specific area.

Continuing Education: Providing continuing education workshops to meet the needs of professionals requiring Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for their positions or to maintain certification.
The Center on Rehabilitation Synergy provides continuing education courses/workshops designed to meet the needs of professionals in the field of counseling, education and vocational rehabilitation. Staff at CRS will work with you to design a personal development plan to meet the requirements of your employer or accrediting organization. Read More

 Customized Training: The Center on Rehabilitation Synergy will work with your organization to design training to meet the needs of your agency, organization or school district.

Employer and Corporate Support: To access the support, technology and resources to hire, train and retain employees with disabilities.

Staff and Development Training: Staff development and training is offered on a customized basis or from our already developed menu of programs to agency, businesses, and school districts requesting the service.

Succession Planning: When employees plan to retire, it is an easier process to plan for their replacement as the company has prior notice. When employees quit to take a new position, need to be fired, or even die, it will be a shock and surprise to the company. Planning for both retirees and unexpected vacancies is key to keeping your company, agency or organization running smoothly. Finding talent within, as well as outside the organization is important. We can assist you in developing a plan and in understanding the process.

Succession Planning Tools: Understanding the process of succession is the first step and then having the tools continues the process. Learn what tools you will need as an organization to successfully plan for the unexpected loss of an employee. Learn how to plan for the unplanned vacancy. We can help you to develop these tools and how to utilize them to implement your plan.

Technical Assistance: Through the use of organizational assessment, CRS will collaborate with the agencies’ or schools’ decision-makers to diagnose a problem which possibly leads to trainings or recommendations ultimately resulting in organizational change.