Habitat For Humanity – Buffalo

When there is availability, you may apply to secure yourself a spot to volunteer with APMS for Habitat for Humanity at various locations depending on their need. Availability is on a first come, first served basis. Please note spots are usually limited and sign up will only open after an email has been sent out through the listserv. Sign up will be closed after the vacant spots are filled. Transportation will be provided if needed.

Volunteers will do a wide variety of tasks including house construction (such as framing, installing windows and doors, etc.), demolition, cleaning, organizing, painting, and more depending on the need.

The form below is only available during the appropriate sign up period. If the form is not available it means that the sign up period has either not started or has ended. Please check back when the next email regarding sign up is sent.

Please direct any questions you may have to our Volunteer Coordinator, Anxhela, at anxhelan@buffalo.edu

Upon applying, be sure to check whether you received a confirmation screen or a message saying that the application is currently full by scrolling down the page after submission. Blue text with a confirmation message and check mark means you are set and should hear from our volunteer coordinator shortly. Red text means the current date has been filled and your application (although completed) was not submitted to the volunteer coordinator.