Executive Board

Who We Are

We are fellow undergraduate students who are elected each year to the following positions with specific duties. Come to the next General Body Meeting (GBM) and meet us!

Current (2022-2023) E-Board Members:

President: Anoop Nilam (anoopnil@buffalo.edu)

Vice President: Sarah Bukahri (sarahbuk@buffalo.edu)

Treasurer: Michael Bobick (mpbobick@buffalo.edu)

Secretary: Ethan Tong (ethanton@buffalo.edu)

Chief Shadowing Coordinator: Aniket Maini (amaini2@buffalo.edu)

Volunteer Coordinator: Hannah Pham (hannahph@buffalo.edu)

Public Relations: Tibyan Elzain (tibyanel@buffalo.edu)

Emergency Expediter: Eeman Farooqui (eemanfar@buffalo.edu)

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Michael Morales

What We Do

The Executive Board (E-Board) for APMS is responsible for making sure the largest pre-health club on campus is fun and exciting in addition to offering many opportunities for our pre-med student members.

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