Meet the EBoard 2020


The first Eboard meeting of the Fall semester, will entail a a presentation where the eboard members will introduce themselves and speak about what the club and each position does.

Jacob’s School med student guest speakers


APMS will be having a guest speaker session and be joined by two second year Medical students at the Jacob's school of medicine. Speakers, Anxhela Nezha and Marquesa Hastings, will be talking about their experience with medical school and will show students a sneak peak into the daily life of a medical student and how ... Read more

Freshman/Sophomore Advice Meeting

Norton 112

This meeting will provide freshman and sophomores with tips and tricks to do well in pre-requisite courses, advice on finding research, when to take the mcat, when to begin preparing for the application cycle, and much more. Food will be provided!

HIPAA/Shadowing Program

Norton 112

We will be going over our shadowing program and HIPAA protocols. This meeting is mandatory for anyone who is interested in shadowing through APMS.

FeedMore Volunteering

91 Holt Street Buffalo, NY 14206

FeedMore WNY is an organization that works alongside their food bank distribution center with hunger-relief agencies, home-delivered meal programs, as well as other targeted feeding programs. As volunteers of APMS, we will be taking part in the warehouse/food sorting section which will require duties such as sorting of non-perishable foods, packaging of boxes to hunger-relief ... Read more